PDD Pass - Testing Strategy



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    Michelle NCARB

    Mollie, congrats on your latest pass!  Thanks for sharing such great advice here, and I'm glad to hear that newer NCARB programs have been helpful to you.  Hope your last test goes well!

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    Kathleen Hogan

    Thanks for the advice on test taking strategies. That seems to be my weakness when taking these exams over and over again. I tend to over think the answers because of my experience in the real world.

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    Christopher Kiefer

    Hi Mollie. Great write-up! I recently finished my AREs, and agree with 100% of your tips. I agree that there is something gained by actively writing down notes. This requires active synthesis, which creates a more tangible memory. Highlighting or just reading are somewhat passive activities and are inherently less memorable. During practice exams, I would always make notes of what I got wrong.

    I had study habits very similar to yours such as avoid cramming on the last day. Like you, I also preferred the 8am exam time over the 12pm option. The morning time helped my mind remain free from the clutter of everyday life and responsibilities. I also ate a solid breakfast and had a small cup of coffee. All these things are good. (I also listened to heavy metal on my way to each of my exams, but that is another story!)

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    Jonathan Schluenz

    Thanks Mollie. It is easy to forget that this is actually a pretty awesome job, and that it will be worth it in the end.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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