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    David Kaplan

    Hey Brittany,

    These types of Bidding services are definitely additional services and not covered under Basic Services.  I don't have the contract in front of me so I'm going a bit off the top of my head here, but typically our "basic services" for the Bidding Phase covers answering RFI's that may come up during the process and issuing Addenda in case drawing revisions are required.  Perhaps as a courtesy once the bids are in, the Owner might shoot them over to us and we'd take a quick glance, but definitely nothing comprehensive.  In a nutshell, all the items you list above are typically done by the Owner and would above and beyond our basic services.  If the Owner should require those services of us, then we bill them additional.

    I can tell you in 14 years of doing this that this is exactly how my office approaches this as well.  Hope this helps.  I would recommend finding a commentary that covers the Bidding Phase and checking against my input here, should be available.

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    Brittany Varengo

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you and your "nutshell" since that is how I have seen it happen in my work experience. But NCARB is testing me on the contracts, not my work experience. So if AIA B101 is stating that the A needs to do the above during the procurement and bid phase then I want to understand it fully as compared to the additional services. 

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    Brittany Varengo

    So I think I figured it out. I went back and reviewed the B101 commentary of the 2007 version.
    From what I can gather the A is to be an informer of procurement and bid information. They can provide the AIA forms to the O that they might need such as A305 checklists for contractor selections and can inform the owner about customary construction practices. They’re sole purpose is to inform the owner but to not provide legal council or make decisions for them.
    That makes sense to me and I now understand the level of A involvement in bidding and procurement docs. Thanks again David!

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