PA, Preliminary Pass! (Phew!!!)



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    David Kaplan

    Congrats, glad to hear that you passed this!  Your input above is good and exactly what I experienced on this exam. 

    For PPD and your worries about the Site Design Handbook - it sounds like you read a bunch of other site-related materials and I don't know that you'll need to read that book again.  All those items you've identified above relating to site design - climate, orientation, etc. - how do you feel you did on those questions for PA?  If you felt comfortable with them, I'd say then that you'd have the same level of comfort for PPD.  I don't recall there being any "new" site items on PPD - more of the same as the PA test.

    Congrats again, keep going.

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    Juan Perez



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    Elif Bayram


    David, you are right, I guess I feel comfortable about my site knowledge at this point, maybe only going thru notes will be enough.


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    Ella Kui

    HI Elif,

    Congrats on your PA pass!!

    I failed my PA couple days ago.  Thank you for the study tips. Can you please clarify which "Architectural Primer" book are you referring to?

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