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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Nick,

    I took PA today and got a preliminary pass. I liked the idea of swapping notes because PPD will be my next exam and I read PA and PPD share a lot of similarities so I think it is a good idea to keep studying on PA notes. I have a different note taking method though. I turn important points of my studies into questions(multiple choice, true/false etc). I have an online quiz making web-site subscription. If you are interested, please e-mail me at so I can send you a link of it.

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    Samantha Lee

    Hi Nick,

    I'm planning to take PA in January and am interested in swapping notes if you're interested! I don't have an extensive amount like you do, but I am building upon a set of detail notes and a spreadsheet of vocabularies and acronyms based on the Ballast, Brightwood 5.0, work experience, and online materials.

    So far my materials are covering programming, project budget and finances, schedules, zoning, site work, and soil. Since I'm covering less material compared to you, I don't mind if you swap an appropriate amount you see fit. Let me know!

    My email is

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    Paola Placko

    Hi Nick, Elif & Samantha

    I am taking PA(took it once and fail) on the 14th as well, I have pass PCM, PjM and CE as well, and planning to take  PPD and PDD within 6 weeks after that

    I have a ton of info and some questions too.

    Do you want to meet up using hangouts sometime at nights or over the weekend. Do you want to start a group email?

    My email is


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    Tasanee Durrett

    Hi everyone!

    I took PA a few months ago and failed. 

    I am retaking PPD in a couple of weeks. I would love to share my note cards for PA, PPD, and PDD (this is how I take notes via diagrams and comparisons of systems on note cards).

    This is one example of one on Historic Treatment. I have well over 50 cards with graphics and such--similar to the ARE sketches but more in depth for me to understand).

    Please add me to your group email! 


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    Sarah Stumpo

    Francisco - I would love to be added to the loop as well. I have a bunch of resources to share! Thank you!

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    Asma Sanaee

    Francisco- I have related notes and materials to share with group. Would you add me to the group too? thanks,

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    Shuai Cao

    Hi Francisco

    Thanks for the initiative of exchanging notes. I failed PA before but would like to share my notes with others here. And I wish I could pass it next time. My email is


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