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    Hoa Dang

    I felt very good after the test and got a surprise on the test result, failed.  This is second time I failed; very sad, and I don't know where to go from here. this community is helpful, but NCARB system is not since you never know what you did wrong.

    Not discouraging, but feel like it is testing my patience, and it is draining out.

    Good luck to all!

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    Derek Mason


    I failed 3 times. The first two times I was not fully prepared. Too much going on and reviewing the wrong study material. I reviewed solely the AEP, which was wrong. I found this forum and was helpful. I will take it in a few months. After I take the PPD & PDD. 

    I agree. It is a little discouraging and testing the patience. The test covers such a broad category you wonder what you know and don't know. 

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    Failed 5 times, studied every resource given in the handbook as well as a lot of googling & tube. I throughly went through everything listed in that handbook, took it for the 5th time, felt pretty good about most of my answers and yet another fail. I don't know what else to do except maybe take a year off and come back to it. A true feeling of hopelessness is on the horizon:(

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    Yu Jen Su

    thank you guys i failed today but it's really good to know i'm not the only one frustrated by these exams.


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    Ethan O'Brien

    Those of you who have failed and have taken other tests; how do you feel this one compares in difficulty?  I failed this one, but it is the only test I have tried so far.

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