PDD - Mech Room Layout



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    Mollie Pelletier

    I would think a boiler and chiller can be located a fair distance from the supply termination.  But an air handler can only blow air so far.  So depending on the size of the building, it may be located closer to the space being heated/cooled?


    Yes to the 3-10% question.  Mechanical space doesn't have to be all one room. it can be several rooms on several floors of a building.  AU can also be located above ceiling rather than in designated rooms.

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    Brandon Wang

    This thread may be old by now, but it is common (in my work experience) to have room separations for AHUs and boilers/chillers, though they can be adjacent for less travel distance. Depending on how the boilers and chillers are powered, this separation is usually to separate between fuel or gas combustion that commonly occurs with boilers, with electrical power for AHUs. Of course there are other ways to provide power, but this is what I've learned.

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