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    Scott Barber

    Not sure how much you've studied or prepared so far, but there's a lot of good advice on this forum, so you've come to the right place. I wrote a post after I took CE, but I would say the most important things to study are the AHPP (Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice) and the Schiff Hardin lectures (listening to the lectures were probably 95% of the 'studying' I did for contracts).
    I used the Narmour Wright guides to help me study the AHPP and they were a great resource. They did change the contracts in October of this year, so keep that in mind when studying - not sure if the 2018 Schiff Hardin lectures are covering the correct year or not for the contract. 

    I'll also say that CE fits together with PcM and PjM. A lot of people (myself included) studied for these three together and took them close to each other (1-2 weeks apart). Just something to consider.

    Good luck!

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    Austin Autrey

    I can confirm that the latest Schiff Hardin lectures cover the 2017 contracts that are now being tested on in the exams.

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    Dante Casasanta

    I believe the critical topics of this exam are the contracts

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