PDD second time FAILED AGAIN!



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    Veronica Blanco

    Shawn, Sorry to hear the result came negative. I took this test 4 times, I am going for my fifth and last in November 29th. This is my last test and if I do not pass I will loose 3 of them as well.

    I am not sure if challenging the test a good measure, because they will not change the result; so why bother? You will putting more money into this NCARB money making machine and your result will not be changed. So, before you spend another $300 confirm with them if your result will be changed; otherwise suck it up and take the test again.

    Good luck

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    Shawn Mazur

    Veronica,   Wow I feel your pain. I passed my first test PreDesign in 2005 and even have one of the old time IDP sealed certificates.  My first passing scores occurred long, long ago before the rolling clock existed. To me the rolling clock is perhaps the WORSE THING EVER and has set me back a few times now.   To me the idea of scores expiring is like saying your money and time and effort to achieve a pass. Well...it is no good now but thanks for playing! 

      So I actually just got back my score report and  I did exactly  the same in areas 1,3,4 and 5  and actually worse in area 2.    I feel like I am completely lost here.  How can any of us learn where we are going wrong on these questions? I got to challenge this!

    I have done so many of these practice exams that I have  pretty much memorized most  of those answers.   It's odd to me because I just passed 3 retakes(expired scores) in a row  then I passed PPD the first time . Even stranger is that  the largest part  of my architectural  job experience  is in "Project Development and Design".  This test is more of a race to beat the clock then anything relative to its name. But as always  I am going to suck it up as I have done many times before.  I will  have to study harder , read, more and more and keep on trying till  they must remove the keyboard and the mouse from my cold dead fingers!         

    Shawn Mazur Assoc. AIA, LEED AP M.Arch.   

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    Amber Organtini

    I highly recommend ARE Bootcamp. There is nothing better than talking out practice questions and you learn so much!

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    I feel your pain man, I will be taking this one again for the 4th time!! --and I don't know how to study any better than I did the last time, and no way am I paying nearly 800$ for an ARE bootcamp, I could take the test 3 more times for that and bounce ideas off of you fine people :)

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    Isaac Ocasio

    Shawn, so sorry to hear this... I feel your pain and frustration, I just took PDD for the first time yesterday morning and failing. Not the way I wanted to spend my Saturday and it didn't help any that I failed. I studied for 2 month... I felt great going into the exam and I actually felt good during the exam. I've struggled on past exams with time, however with this one I managed my time well. I was surprised to see the fail at the end of the exam, I thought I was doing well. For this exam I used the amber videos as my main source, but I also used building construction illustrated, brightwood architecture PDD study book, and ARE 5.0 handbook. I feel that the amber videos are extremely helpful, they are a great source to really understand the concepts. I've work at my firm for 4 years now and have been lucky enough to work on projects from SD through CA. I scored level 1 in both construction documentation and construction cost estimation, and level 3 in material/systems, code, and project manual and specifications. I was surprised how many project manual and spec questions were on this exam. I was also surprised with how many "choose 3 or choose 4" questions I had. I think those question are so stupid cause if get one wrong you get the entire question wrong. Regarding challenging the results... I challenged the results of ARE 4.0 PPP.. it was a waste of money and time. They don't give you much more information than the score reports do. They assigned my exam for someone to review... whatever that means. I basically got an email back stating the they reviewed the exam and the results stand... I called to get more info and understanding on the review. They kept saying they couldn't give me specifics and basically repeated what the score report said. I totally agree with you, I feel that we deserve better feedback than what they currently give us. Hang in there and keep pushing on, you'll pass it. I still have three exams left, PA, PPD and retake PPD... It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we'll get there. 



    Good luck on your exam Veronica, you got this!

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