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    Guangbin Zhen

    I have worked for a structural engineer for some time and we have dealt with a lot of cases like this in New York City. So I'm confident about my explanation.
    Usually neighbor's permission is required and the structural engineer would specify what's called underpinning in the foundation plan. These are concrete structures cast underneath the higher existing building footings so that the bottom of the footing can match the elevation of the bottom of new neighbor's footing. In this way the lateral pressure from soil underneath can be controlled. This method is expensive but it's very common in dense urban areas.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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    Baylee Holder (Edited )



    Thanks so much for your explanation. I haven't worked in a dense area before like NYC so touching others bldg is not typ. but I understand now


    Thanks! :)

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    Christopher Kiefer

    Hi there, one current real-world example of the foundations of adjacent properties is in San Francisco. There is the current news story of the Millennium Tower leaning. That is a new high-rise residential tower. Next door to that site they are building the TransBay Terminal, which is a large underground train hub. The Millenium Tower is blaming the leaning on the TransBay project next door. It's a non-technical article but is decent at providing a few interesting geotech type details:


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