PA Code Review on Egress Paths, Allowable Building Area/Height Calculation, And Occupant Load Calculation



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    Carolina Quintero

    This is great!!! Thank you. Could you share some other sources? 



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    Jared Weaver

    I did use Chings Building Codes Illuatrated to reinforce those presentations. Someone said you could preview about 75% of rhe book on Amazon which totally works. I just reviewed the chapters on building heights, occupancy groups, egress, and building types. I read the ansi a 117.1 which is the ada guidelines (free pdf if googled) which has decent visuals for understanding Ada requirements. I'm studying parking, bathrooms, clearances, ramps as someone else has mentioned.

    I read the problem seeking book and the ballast study guide and practice tests as well.

    Did you see the link about the differnece btw the 4 historic building treatments? Thats a great read too, super quick. Search that on this community board. It was a dropbox link.

    I'm going to need to bone up on the soils, storm water runnoff mitigation and the site analysis evaluations.

    Overall I feel confident I can do well on this test.

    Mine is scheduled for 11-27. Just a few more days.

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    Jared Weaver

    Oh and make sure to actually read the sections in the building code. You can google IBC and you should find a pdf to review. Chapters on the occupancies, heights and areas, building types, fire protection....i read all that just to be familiar with it. Those presentations I found and ching helped illustrate all the legal jargon into something I could digest. It is important to know the IBC code sections and how the code book works.

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    Michelle NCARB

    Jared and Carolina,

    The Prezi presentations posted above can help explain concepts, as Jared mentioned.  But remember they're based on older versions of the code!  Be sure to focus on IBC 2015 for detailed studying.

    For easy reference, the public version of IBC 2015 is here:

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    Jared Weaver

    Thanks Michelle:
    The IBC reference is super useful.

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