Brightwood/Kaplan Practice questions for PPD/PDD



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    Sarah Lavoie

    PPI2PASS - lots of online practice test and quiz options for all sections.  You can try it for free, so you should check it out.  - I didn't even know about Black Spectacles - that is really expensive!

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    Ngoc Anh Pham

    oh! Didnt realize they had practice questions. Just downloaded the free pdf sample problems. Thanks the suggestion! 

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    Christopher Kiefer

    I also recommend a strategy of cycling through as many practice questions as you can get your hands on--for any of these exams. Those older ARE 4.0 books remain quite relevant and very useful, in my opinion. For me, the main thing that helped me between PPD and PDD were the old "Building Design and Construction Systems" books. I got mine used off Amazon. They're a great value.

    Also, I found that between PPD and PDD the "ARE Exam Prep" website's Online Multiple Choice Exam (OMECS) was pretty good for helping me mentally prepare. I found that ARE Exam Prep was a more compelling value for the PDD exam than Black Spectacles' subscription model. There are 3 exams there with like over 300 questions. I spent a couple of weekends with that alone.

    However, the Black Spectacle lectures were great for PPD (the other exams)--just not detailed enough for PDD, in my opinion. The Black Spectacles videos are great because of Mike Newman's random anecdotes, rules of thumb and general architectural advice. This kind of "soft" info is kind of difficult to find with straight test questions.

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    Tatamin (Edited )

    Just got the promo code from Brightwood. Why not try for both? 25% off until 11/26!

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