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    Lara Zakhem

    Hi Anaida,

    I took the PA exam the same day (Nov 13th) from Abu Dhabi and had massive technical issues - pdfs wouldnt load, connection got lost twice during the exam, each page would take at least 20-30s to load while the timer was still running.. I complained about it and the test center filed a complaint to NCARB as well but I havent heard back from NCARB yet...

    I'm wondering if they had an issue that day - I am sure this has affected my performance on the exam. its the third exam that i take and this never happened before 


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    Melanie D'Souza

    Hey Lara, I am scheduled to take CE in 2 weeks at the Abu Dhabi center. It is my first time at this location - I have taken previous tests in the United States. Would you have any pointers about this center? Is this the first time you have experienced these issues while testing at this center? 

    Many thanks !

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    Lara Zakhem

    Hey Melanie!

    Yes it was the first time I had experienced these issues at this test center - I took another exam there two weeks later and it went fine. Procedures at the test centers are the same worldwide, I took tests in the UK and it was a similar process than in Abu Dhabi. 

    Good luck! 

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