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    Brian Starkey

    If you’re doing it for PDD, don’t waste your time or money unless it’s a full PDD class and not just MEP.

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    Jamie Stephens

    The Amber videos for PPD/PDD are all the ProPractice, all Systems (BS/lighting/acoustics concepts) and BDCS Concepts. 

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    Jamie Stephens

    Plus a CODE case study! VERY worth it for at least 1 month!

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    Brian Jones (Edited )

    I just purchased the AMBER BOOK seminar.  Although I'm not all the way through it, I'd say it definitely seems worth it.  I am also in the middle of watching Black Spectacles.  In my opinion, both are very good; the information is just organized/presented differently and at different levels of detail depending on the topic.

    Here's a secret for both (which took me quite a while to find out). Don't watch the videos at 1X playback speed! You can speed up the playback speed in the video player.  

    So, back to AMBER:

    You can check out the free videos on Youtube to get a sense of how the material is organized. Here's their list of free videos:

    There are many photos, diagrams, etc. that help you to visualize what is being taught.  Since I'm absolutely a visual learner, this is a huge help to me.   

    Check here for an extra discount plus a really helpful list of other study materials:

    --- UPDATE --- 

    I have contacted the original poster above.  They have already found partners.


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    Andre De Mattos

    I am looking for a partner to share costs. Anyone?

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