Any other quinquagenarians out there?


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    William May


    I'm a sexagenarian ( get your mind out of the gutter ) lol.

    I got eligibility to sit for the ARE back in March.  I started in earnest, reading all the posts, studying the myriad of online and various hard copy items.

    I'm flabbergasted.  I'm overwhelmed.  I'm sick to my core.  And, I'm utterly frustrated.  I'm saddened that someone who can do what architects 30 years younger than me can do can't get over this hurdle.  Very recently I put together a project while working with an architect who only recently ( 2 years ago ) obtained licensure.  The architect met with the client and has acted as the liaison between me and the client.  Any questions I had went thru the architect.  So I produced the CD set from the beginning.  Went thru SD, then DD then to CD.  

    I actually have my own business/firm.  I do almost all Residential projects, on my own.  Commercial projects are usually with an architect who hires me to do the drafting and some of the design. 

    But these tests, they wipe me out.  Questions that haven’t affected my business/firm for 30 years are asked and I feel like a mumbling, stumbling street person.  I can talk with clients, write contracts, work with consultants and vendors, I do Practice Management, Project Management, Program & Analysis, Project Planning & Design, Project Planning and Development, Construction and Evaluation; I do all this and yet, when I take those practice tests, pfffftttt, I miss 30 to 40% of the questions.  I find myself thinking why not just hire an architect on an as needed basis like many engineering firms do.  The architect still functions in their capacity.  The client gets what they want, and the engineering firm makes money on the project – everyone is happy.  

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