It's over - Recent pass of PPD and PDD and a few thoughts for others still going



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    David Kaplan

    Congrats!!! Enjoy being done!

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    Michelle NCARB

    Congratulations Paula!  You offered lots of great advice - thanks for sharing with the Community!

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Congratulations, Paula!

    I appreciate the shout out -- if I helped you in any way, you are more than welcome!

    I finished almost a year ago -- I continue to get the email notifications, and can't help but still post now and then.  For certain, I'm not going to attempt to now be an ARE "expert", or write my own study manual (currently available on Amazon...jk) -- I'm no certainly no expert by any means -- but finishing this exam was a great feeling -- and if I can help anyone else get there I will definitely do what I can.

    Yours is a good story -- nicely done!


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    Philip Crosscup

    Congratulations!  I am taking what I hope to be my last test tomorrow.

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    Nicholas Pallotto (Edited )

    Hi Kurt Fanderclai

    Good to see you are still posting in the ARE 5.0 community. 

    I've transitioned from 4.0 and feel like I am partially starting all over on 5.0, but trying to keep spirits up: sadly I let life and work get in the way since July 2018.  All the posts from various current and former test-takers in this community have been a tremendous help getting me motivated and moving.  

    Someone mentioned to take a look at your matrix for PjM and PcM but I cannot seem to find that post .   I've scoured your page and also plugged the "matrix for PjM and PcM" and just "matrix" in the NCARB community search bar but get an "internal server error" (both with Safari browser and Google chrome).   lol.    Does that post or document still exist on here?  

    Hope this post reaches you.

    Many thanks in advance,


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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hi Nico --

    Wow, you did nothing for 4 months?  What a slacker!

    TOTALLY kidding...  With me, you're looking at the reigning king of procrastination.  On the ARE-- first I waited forever to take it, and then, while I knocked out four exams in three months, I then didn't test again for over 5 months...  Point is, you're fine -- no worries on that front.  

    As for a "matrix" -- I personally never create one.  Typically, my reference to a "matrix" meant the ARE 5.0 Handbook reference material matrix on the last few pages.

    That said, Erica S. had created a great financial terms matrix for PcM that many found very helpful, and I referenced it as a suggested study source frequently.  Page down to her posts on this thread and you'll find a dropbox link: 

    Which exams remain for you?  Also, note that there is no magic bullet regarding studying -- instead take a look at the forum posts for each exam.  Several successful candidates have posted great write-ups after passing -- read and follow these -- and don't pay much attention to the speculations of those candidates who've not yet successfully passed the exam in question. 

    Good Luck!

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    Nicholas Pallotto (Edited )

    Hi Kurt Fanderclai, 

    Ha ha. ...that was a good one.  Thanks for the levity, helped remove the guilt I've been feeling for not going as fast and furious with my studies like I did on 4.0.   I also let work get in the way...too many long hours and totally depleted on days off.

    I must have misred the "matrix" info on the other post.  Regardless thanks for sharing all this info and thanks to Erica S for sharing her study material list.   

    Sadly I didn't pass my PPP exam on 4.0 (got through SD, CDS, SPD,,,PPP was the one fail), so that's why I feel like I'm starting all over even though I have CE under my belt on 5.0.   So I'm trying to focus on staying positive during this process as much as I can and also aim to stay confident to push through the next big leg of this marathon.   Trying to remind myself this is all about learning new things and expanding my knowledge in our industry.   

    Will take your advice and poke around some more on the posts to get myself moving and diving into the plethora of materials and content to cover.  

    Starting with PcM now.....

    Many thanks and speak soon!



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