Appendicitis requiring Emergency Surgery is no excuse for not rescheduling ARE exams >30 days ahead.



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    Pavan Iyer

    NCARB can you please address the reasoning for this?

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    Michael Gilbert (Edited )

    The reschedule guidelines are very black & white:

    You can reschedule an existing appointment up to four business days in advance, although a rescheduling fee may apply. Learn more about rescheduling fees in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

    • 0-3 business days before appointment: Rescheduling not permitted
    • 4-15 business days (by 12 noon ET) before appointment: $80
    • 16-30 business days (by 12 noon ET) before the appointment: $60
    • 30 or more business days (by 12 noon ET) before the appointment: $0
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    Michelle NCARB


    I forwarded your comments to our Customer Service team, and I understand they are currently working with you on rescheduling your exam with Prometric.  Please reach out to NCARB's Customer Service again if you have any further concerns.

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