ARE 5.0 testing center crash



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    Almost the same thing happened to me.  All the computers went down at the Prometric Center and NCARB said too bad.  I bet they got the money back from the Center, but decided to pocket it.  Wouldn't that be interesting to find out.  In their eyes, they want the results because they will see if you would have failed anyways... 

    My retake is in a few weeks.  Hopefully it won't happen again.

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    Eric Dempsey

    @Nathan @Sylvia,  I feel your pain. It's very frustrating.  The questions loading are super laggy & the system periodically crashes.  Everyone knows this.  NCARB says & does nothing.  NCARB is of course an easy target to vent our frustrations, although, I'd say they make it easier.  I don't believe they're going to fix the test anytime soon.  

    So... what to do?  

    I've sat for 3 exams and passed 2/3.  So, it's possible to overcome.  The first one I bombed miserably which was a surprise.  Now I kind've know what to expect. Let's use my next target, the Construction & Evaluation test as an example.  It has 95 items. 

    The LAG = 3 seconds per regular question loading + apx. 15 seconds per case study item =  8min 45sec

    The periodic crashing stops the clock while it's down, luckily.  But a few precious seconds are still lost rebooting & reorienting yourself. My last test crashed 4 times.  So, let's say 30 seconds lost each crash.  

    CRASHES = 4 x 30 = 2min

    Total time lost due to poor system = approximately 11 minutes.  

    Even if it were 20 minutes, it can be overcome.  The total time of the C&E test is 3hours 15minutes.  Come prepared, know your stuff, & move QUICKLY!  If you get flustered by the lag & repeated crashes, it's going to psych you out and degrade your performance.  Don't let it get to you!  Expect this to happen and good luck!

    Cheers everyone!


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