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    Haytham Abdelrahman Abdelall

    Boston Architectural College, 1 Credit per course, see:

    For Southern Illinois University, they require TOEFL score and the official transcript to be sent from your university directly.

    I encounter the same issue and it seems that get knocked in a different way. NCARB advisor suggested to follow Foreign Architects Path to NCARB certificate which is the ideal situation for me. I received my eligibility and now studying for PcM.

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    Juliane Carvalho Trindade

    Hello Christopher,


    Did you sign up for any of these courses? Now I need to fulfill the same requirement by taking a Law and Regulations class and am interested in knowing if there is any feedback on the options.


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    clementine dubourdieu

    same situation here....

    I am also looking at local community colleges that would allow me to pass those classes as well...

    This equivalence is a bit of a money pit, I have to admit...



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    Matias Daroch Maturana


    I took the online course ARH 441 OL1 at Academy of Art University for Laws & Regulations, pre-approved by the EESA office. In general, I had a good experience. I took the summer course which was eight weeks long. Be advised that it will require double the hours than the normal 16 weeks program. If I recall correctly that is about 18 to 20 hours a week of studying. Deliverables where every Wednesday and Saturday.

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    Roberto Conde Rodriguez

    If Southern Illinois University is $1,184.55 for a 3 credit hour class that is actually great, they require TOELF however if you are already working here in USA you can send your resume, copy of your diploma and transcript and they will waive the TOELF requirement. 

    What class did you finally took? 

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