EESA evaluation - Laws and Regulations



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    Haytham Abdelrahman Abdelall

    Boston Architectural College, 1 Credit per course, see:

    For Southern Illinois University, they require TOEFL score and the official transcript to be sent from your university directly.

    I encounter the same issue and it seems that get knocked in a different way. NCARB advisor suggested to follow Foreign Architects Path to NCARB certificate which is the ideal situation for me. I received my eligibility and now studying for PcM.

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    Juliane Carvalho Trindade

    Hello Christopher,


    Did you sign up for any of these courses? Now I need to fulfill the same requirement by taking a Law and Regulations class and am interested in knowing if there is any feedback on the options.


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    clementine dubourdieu

    same situation here....

    I am also looking at local community colleges that would allow me to pass those classes as well...

    This equivalence is a bit of a money pit, I have to admit...



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    Matias Daroch


    I took the online course ARH 441 OL1 at Academy of Art University for Laws & Regulations, pre-approved by the EESA office. In general, I had a good experience. I took the summer course which was eight weeks long. Be advised that it will require double the hours than the normal 16 weeks program. If I recall correctly that is about 18 to 20 hours a week of studying. Deliverables where every Wednesday and Saturday.

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