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    Michelle NCARB (Edited )

    Hi all -

    Responding to Amber's original post: Scott provided a great response!  I don't have much to add, only to emphasize that you should read all questions carefully and only respond to the issues provided/specified in the question.

    As for reporting testing concerns to NCARB: you can contact Customer Service as described on page 18 of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.  Concerns about exam content will be forwarded to the Examination team for review, but as Scott suggested, we cannot provide you the correct answers.  But please rest assured that all concerns are researched.

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    Osman Bilger

    I reached out to NCARB customer service regarding a few inaccuracies on my last exam and the response I got was they cant discuss the exam with me. Go figure. 

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    Amber Organtini

    yes, I called them too. Thanks for replying, as this is something I hope they can comment on (with out me elaborating on more detail). 


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    Scott Barber

    I don't know what question you're referring to, so my comment is meant as a general comment for the exams:

    You will often be given more information than is necessary, and you need to be able to identify what they're asking for. What answer they're looking for (and what you need to reference in the drawing) will depend on what they're specifically asking in the question. So if the questions says "according to the site plan..." I would assume they mean "according to the drawing provided below" and any of the content in that drawing could be relevant, it's just how they are referencing the drawing. I wouldn't get caught up in the terminology they use to reference a drawing.

    If that's not the way the question was phrased, I think that gets a little too specific to accurately and constructively discuss without breaking the confidentiality agreement.

    Osman: After one of my exams I sent NCARB a message and explained a question that I thought had an error in it. I didn't ask for an answer or explanation, only that I was concerned it was poorly or inaccurately written. They responded and said something along the lines of "I think I know what question you're referring to, we'll look into it." 
    If you asked for what the right answer was or an explanation behind it, they wouldn't be able to discuss that. Does that make sense?

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    Amber Organtini

    Thanks, Folks. That is somewhat helpful. Correct terminology on NCARB's part is critical, but hopefully they are attentive to this (especially if pointed out). 

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    Osman Bilger

    Thanks Scott, Makes perfect sense. I didnt ask for the answer, rather explained how the matrix material conflicted or errors in the question. No big deal I didnt follow up because the questions are the same for everyone and I could imagine some were test questions as well. 

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