PjM New Contracts in ARE Handbook



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    Jeseema Yasmin Asan


    Hi Gabriela

    Thank you for your post, I just noticed the change to the references in the ARE handbook. I am also currently preparing for PjM.

    I looked up the AIA website and see that all the newly added contracts relate to the (General conditions, owner-contractor and owner architect) for the Integrated Project Delivery Method and A133-2009 refers to the Agreement between Owner& Construction Manager as Constructor. Hope this is of little help.

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    Abegail Laurice Sumarinas

    Hi Gabriella,
    I took PjM last Oct 22, I read all the newly added contracts in the handbook and to be honest I didn't see much of it except of course A201, B101, and A101. C401 is also important to read. But it wouldn't hurt to read all that's listed.

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    Gabriela Orizondo Castro

    Thank you very much for your responses. It seems to be pretty straightforward. Hopefully they don't find the most random concept to ask a question about it!

    Thanks again, 



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