Recently done with AREs, do I need to contact NCARB about the record review first?



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    Scott Barber

    My situation is a little different (I finished the exams a few months ago but am wrapping up the last of my AXP hours now), but from my understanding they automatically review it. You should have gotten a congratulatory email saying you finished your exams, and it might say on there. The email I received had a "Next Step" section which said to keep earning AXP experience. 

    I know some people call NCARB every week or two to make sure their file isn't getting lost in the cracks, but I don't expect that to happen often. For your peace of mind it may be worth giving them a call, unless you have an email that tells you something. A friend of mine recently finished, and he said it took about a month and a half for NCARB and NC to review it.

    Congrats on finishing! Would you mind keeping us updated on here? There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about the process after finishing the ARE and AXP, so it's helpful to hear about it.

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    David Kaplan

    Hi Tau,

    My licensing process is complete.  To answer your question based on my experience - I literally had to do nothing.  NCARB contacted my State Board (Ohio), and I received an email that they were doing so.  Once they did, I got another email saying my record was under review (standard procedure) and then eventually I got an email from the State of Ohio saying "congrats.  You're an architect.  Here's your license number.  We'll send you your formal certificate once we've had a chance to sign it."  That was it.  No fees, no forms to fill out, no nothing.  I was surprised!

    It was a relatively quick turnaround for me once I passed my last test to the point where I got the email with my license number.  Many on this site have stated otherwise.  Might depend on your location, I don't know.  Point is though, if there was anything you had to do, they should be emailing you and saying "here's what you need to do to finish up."  If you haven't heard anything, I think you're good for now.

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