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    Osman Bilger


    My opinion is I think this is overkill for the exam. 

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    Derek Wendt

    I agree with Osman. I don’t see a formula for this in the demonstration exam’s references. I’m assuming, on the actual exam, that NCARB will provide you more info or formula but otherwise just a silly guessing game. This takes away your time. Skip and focus on these such calculations last after you’ve gone through all the questions.

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    Kurt Fanderclai (Edited )

    Hi Amna,

    I studied through some of that sort of detail... never came up on my exam.  I agree with Osman -- too far out in the weeds!

    Good luck!

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    Amna Martinez

    Thanks guys! This question was out of NCARB's 4.0 SS Guide.  I'll move on to other things. 

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