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    David Kaplan

    There are no "vignettes" like there were in 4.0.  You're not going to have to draw a grading plan like we did back in 4.0.  You should expect that these zoning questions relating to "how big can the building be?  how tall can the building be?" and site design questions relating to "where on the site should the building go give these 5 criteria?" are going to be scattered among the multiple choice questions and without question the case studies.  Really, your best source for this is the 5.0 Demonstration Exam, especially the case study given.  That is a prime example of what to expect. 

    If this is your first 5.0 test and you did 4.0 before, I expect you will like this better.  I definitely did.  Hope I'm right, good luck.

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    Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the insight. I am going to go over the case studies more in depth to ensure I capture all the information. 

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