Project Management and The Project Resource Manual: CSI Manual of Practice



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    Scott Barber

    Hi Patricia, I wasn't able to find that type of chapter breakdown for any book other than the AHPP. My approach was to look at the table of contents and prioritize what I needed to read based on the ARE Handbook and my personal experience/what content I already knew or didn't know very well. 

    Not sure if you already bought the book or just have it on hand, but I didn't study it (and don't see others saying they studied it) for PjM. For me, the AHPP and Schiff Hardin lectures were all I needed. I didn't look at the Project Resource Manual at all though, so maybe there's good stuff in there. 

    Good luck!

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    Patricia Sakata

    Hi Scott.  Thank you for your great response.  I like your approach, and after flipping through the CSI book, it looks like AHPP covers the material more clearly.

    Best of luck to you as well,


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