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    Thais Bohli

    I'm sorry to hear that. I also failed PA and had to rush through the questions. Def not enough time for this exam. There are so many people saying time is not sufficient and its sad that NCARB does not seem to care.

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    Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy

    Think I could have managed time better had I not spent time on the multiple choice of the case studies as much as I did.

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    David Kaplan

    I too ran into time issues with the PA test, which was my first in 5.0 after having taken several 4.0 tests.  I finished the exam but only had time to go back and review questions I had flagged, and barely had time to do that.  It was odd because when I took PPD and PDD after, I finished both those tests all the way through with about an hour and a half left on the clock for me to go back and really review all my answers.  Not sure why PA seems to take longer, but I agree with your experience.

    I guess for your next attempt at it you'll know this going into it and hopefully can work around that. Remember that the case study questions are worth the same amount as the others, so maybe do some more flagging and moving on on the questions you feel are tripping you up and allow yourself to really get through the multiple choice questions with confidence first. 

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