Why Im glad I failed PPD after passing PDD and the 4 others on the first try (click bait title)



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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hey, Nicholas -- awesome to hear on the PDD pass....   now just PPD left -- that is great.  Almost there.

    I can appreciate your PPD comments.  It's an exam that is all over the place in terms of the questions.  That said, your comment here is a good one:

    ...To make it easy, if you get the Architects Studio Companion and Building construction illustrated, study the ibc code book and FEMA 454 you will be off to a very good start.

    The codes are indeed a big part of PPD -- and David K. has been the best help for many candidates on that front.  Interestingly, the portions of the code that you need to know are actually pretty limited -- however, from there it's knowing how to look at a project and interpret those code sections in example scenarios. 

     "Finally, I also have to say, based on how difficult these exams are, the studying and testing has definitely made me much more knowledgeable and well rounded as a professional and for that I'm very happy."

    Great comment as well.  A candidate has no choice but to pull it all together and level up in order to pass the ARE. 

    Good luck with your very last exam!  

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    Nicholas Civitano

    Hey Kurt, thanks.

    What you said is an absolutely right, you can't really study the IBC you need to know the main concepts, how sections reference each other, know where to find them and most importantly know how to use them in a wide range of situations. Don't get me wrong, I studied and knew occupancy and fire separation issues fairly well but under the gun during the exam is where you are really tested on if you know it or are just familar with it. I just couldn't focus my thoughts enough to make the right call on some of these questions. I think for the first time in all the exams PPD had me second guessing a lot and by the time I got to the case studies I must have made a few too many wrong choices.

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    David Kaplan

    Congrats and glad that I could be of help.  Best of luck on PPD, sounds like you will get it.  Reach out if you need anything!

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