Storm Water Calcs



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    Naman Garg

    Hi Michael,

    IMO it is not worth to know the storm water calculations for exams, even if you get one question I think will not be a good use of your time to go through all this.  Objective 3.1 states consideration of drainage & I think understanding calculations is an overkill.  I would add to this that I work for a civil engineering & surveying firm and even with softwares helping us out, understanding hydrology & its calculations is complex and as future architects it should not fall under our scope to render such detailed service anyhow.

    Good understanding on topography, on the other hand, is worth for the exam as well as practice.

    This has been my experience, if anyone has a different opinion please feel free to chime in.


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    Iroda Karimova

    No. I didn't get this kind of question.
    I would say, focus on Brownfields and remediation, Soil types.

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