Just Failed PA....AGAIN!



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    Steven Aydelott

    I failed my 1st attempt, the case studies kicked my tail...to much info to digest in 2 minutes...I joined black spectacles who has good instruction but I still felt unprepared. I'm starting private coaching monday... time will tell if it helps..

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    Multiple takes here, last time I took it, I felt great about most of my answers and so I didn't bother to look at the provisional, just figured it was a 'go' this time, NOPE! It was like a ton of bricks dropped on my head- I just don't get this exam and how they're grading it- Is the bar set that HIGH? or did I get that many wrong? well for 300$ I could know, (how nice of NCARB to do that for us, here's $300 bucks and another 235$ to retake it!) I just don't get this, why are 50 percent of the test candidates failing this exam? $$$ *ahem* $$$

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    Tony Young

    David-Sorry to hear about the test, that's how I felt about the PPD and PDD. I struggled to pass those so I moved to PA.  I was wondering what content is best to look for when studying for PA exam, what have you struggled with the most when taking it?


    RJ- I get upset when I look at the pass rates to think that only 50% of exam takers are passing the test when other professional license exams have higher rates. The fact that no one seems to think this is a huge problem and demand better is an even bigger problem.

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    Jingyu Lee

    I agree with Tony, 

    I looked at other industry such as professional exam, and they only have one day test with higher passing rate. 

    Can NCARB or AIA address this? I can see PjM, PcM, and CE become one exam and PPD, PDD, PA become one exam? 

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    Danielle Sturman

    A little late on this original post but I am now officially in the same boat. This exam is really taking everything out of me for some reason. After passing CDS and PPP I had hoped PA wouldn't be so bad. I guess I am looking for some advice/words of encouragement as well as a path moving forward? start studying for PDD & PPD simultaneously? Focus one of of those exams and squeeze PA back in between the two? 

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    Isaac Ocasio

    Hang in there Devin, you'll get it. I failed PA my first time taking it, scored level 2 in everything except code/regulation... super frustrating. My first time taking it I only used the Brightwood Architecture Study book for PA. I will be retaking it here in the next couple weeks. I would recommend looking into the amber book videos. You get a monthly subscription to access the videos, it's $390/month. If you signup with a partner they bring it down to $290/month, and I've read on the forum that if you signup with a group of 5 or 6, they bring it down to $190/month per person. Do a search on this forum, I've seen a lot of people looking for people to signup with to get the discount. I know its expensive, but I would highly recommend looking in to it. 

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    Devin Phillips

    Well, I took PA for the 4th time today and FINALLY got "likely to pass"!!!!!  I now have PPD and PDD to pass and I'll be done with the ARE's

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