AHPP - Necessary?



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    Osman Bilger

    It was my go to source to understand labor laws, insurance, business types, accounting, organization structure , and some other stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting. Dont forget the test writers use the referenced materials to write up questions so it wouldnt hurt to review if you have a copy.

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    Shraddha Strennen

    Thank you for your response Osman. I don’t have a copy, and was trying to sidestep the expense but, it sounds like I need to just get it.

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    Brian Blodnikar

    From the sections that I read for the PcM exam I wish I had purchased a copy just to keep on hand.  I think it is very informative.  You should check to see if you firm or local AIA has a copy you can borrow.

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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hi Shraddha,

    Congrats on your passes!  Having already passed the ARE 5.0, I've always noted that the advice that I and others give on this forum applies to about 80% of all candidates -- the majority.  There is another 10% that seem to have trouble with numerous exam fails no matter what they do.  The final 10% could skip all advice given, read some Facebook posts and watch a few Ozark episodes, and pass with flying colors.

    You're sort of in that last 10% -- you're passing exams without the AHPP, so who can argue with your approach?  

    To your question -- "AHPP  necessary?" -- heh, for you -- apparently not, given your success without it on two exams.

    That said, the AHPP is -- as Osman noted -- extremely helpful for PcM in particular.  And, while the AHPP is a large purchase, I've found it to be a great ongoing reference for the workplace -- it's a roadmap through the profession.

    Good luck on your PcM exam!     

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    Shraddha Strennen

    @Brian Blodnikar - Thank you for your response.  I am currently not an AIA member so, couldn't use their copy.  Someone shared their notes of the 14th edition and I used that to study.

    @Kurt Fanderclai - Hahaha... No episodes of Ozark here but, I did pass PcM without the book.  As I mentioned to Brian I did use someone else's notes of the 14th edition to study.  It was mostly an outline but, good enough to understand intent.  

    I don't disagree that AHPP is probably a worthwhile investment but, that might be a purchase for down the road.  I just paid for all 6 exams and I am sure NCARB has eventual plans to bleed me of more of my hard-earned cash! :))

    Now on to a few episodes of Ozark before studying for PA!

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