Preliminary Failed again!



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    Tomasz Mlynarski

    Without getting too specific can you elaborate on what sort of landscaping questions you got? I’m taking the exam next week and I’d like to be better prepared.

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    Osman Bilger

    Absolutely. I go through the entire test, including case studies, and flag any math questions to come back to. On the case studies there is a lot of unnecessary info. Just read the first page and go right to the questions. Dont waste time on absorbing the references. Number 1-90 on your scrap and take notes about questions to come back to. Do this during the agreements pages before the exam. It's okay to take a guess and revisit a question. Your brain processes info in the background even if you're not actively thinking about something. Your best tool is a sharp mind. Try to be well rested and removed from work stress. I shoot for Monday mornings if I can to get the weekend to reset. Take notes on questions that stumped you while it's still fresh in your head. Most likely you will see repeats on your next crack at it. Good luck
    I clocked out of all my exams with atleast 45 minutes using this method. Good luck

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    Ryan Lewis

    I just took PA (first test ever) and failed. I agree completely on the soils. I had a lot of historical questions too. More than I anticipated. I did the same thing as you with the math question and did them last. I completely underestimated what the case studies were and I think that was was down fall.

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    PA is a tough one, they throw a lot of curve ball questions at you, some of which I find are 'subject to interpretation'. Best advice I could give, know IBC like the back of your hand, memorize the occupancy groups and know the critical tables i.e. heights & areas, construction types, etc.

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    Ariana Parrish

    Thanks RJ, Ryan and Is man! I'll use theses for my retest in April. Off PPD &PDD hopefully I'll be posting a pass post soon.

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    Andrew Carr

    Just so others know, I was told that you aren't allowed to write anything on the scrap paper until the exam clock starts. Be careful...

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