Kevin Griendling's AHPP chapter block outs


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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi JaeMin,

    My other courses are a bit more holistic, focusing on the relationships between concepts rather than delivery of information as the exam content gets more broad. It wouldn't be practical or efficient to highlight the 2-5 sections in each resource that were relevant.

    I could have outlined each chapter for public use, and I did that for the production of my courses to an extent, but it isn't helpful if you can't draw a conclusion between the content in each book. Luckily the courses are not excessively long and with a bit of discipline and time you could probably get through PA and PPD just by signing up for the free 10 day trial period and not have to pay a dime.

    You can access that here, if you are interested: 

    Happy studying!


    Kevin Griendling, AIA

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