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    Osman Bilger

    I used it for every division except pdd because our office provided it. It was helpful for pjm pcm and ce.it was extremely high level(easy) for ppd and pa.

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    Jose Rodrigues

    Osman, thanks.

    how did you study with the 30 day access?

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    Osman Bilger (Edited )

    For PCM, CE, PJM I went through the questions with the explanations one time a few days before the exam. Think of it as a concept quiz rather than a mock exam

    The questions are not very complicated (much less complex than the actual exam). Its a great confidence booster and helps reinforce concepts you will apply on the exam. 

    With that said I would not pay money for this if your work isnt providing it. 

    Try designer hacks. Same level of difficulty and much cheaper. 

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    Derek Mason

    For the PcM exam, I would read and re-read the AHPP. There is an outline of which chapters to study for the sections floating around on this form. Plus the Schiff Hardin lectures are helpful too. 

    I bought the AeP and felt like I wasted my money. 

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    James Mackey (Edited )

    I think the value of AeP is within the audio companions they provide. I would imagine the access is limited to 30-days as a way to limit people sharing the study guides and .mp3 files.

    For PA, PPD, and PDD the OMCES quizzes aligned with the flash cards. I've enjoyed using the AeP multiple choice questions, but they're just that. They don't have images implemented into the exam "simulator" and as we know, the exams are heavily based on images. I've been using it as a flashcard replacement, especially because of the immediate feedback provided.

    I think I was able to finish the PPD and PDD exams with ample time to spare because I have been using AeP OMCES and designerhacks so frequently. I'd read a chapter (or 2) of a primary source, then take some quizzes and carefully review incorrect answers.

    edit: The 2018 version of the PcM mockexams from AeP have had some images embedded in the software.

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