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    Naomi Willett

    This is great information! I have passed PCM and PJM, and I am signed up for CE in about a month.

    I have already studied A201 for PJM, would you suggest just listening to the lectures again?

    For Building Construction Illustrated, would you suggest reading the whole book? Or are there specific sections to reference?

    How would you suggest studying construction schedules and site sequencing?

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    Miguel Alonso

    Thanks for the info.....based on the previous suggestions I'm doing the same as you and grouping PCM (pass), PJM (pass), and CE.  CE is the first one I am actually studying for and appreciate the guidance.  I am post graduate by 15 years with corporate firm experience so I've been able to get away with in the field knowledge and not study.  That being said I've had to temper what happens in reality a bit with that the "right" answer is.  I want to go out on my own so I'm making licensing a priority to finish in 2018.  

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    Sabrina Tockook

    Naomi congrats on the two passes!
    In regards to your questions.
    I re-listened to the 201 Shiff Harden lectures and I read the actual contract myself as well.
    For the construction book it’s more graphic with text information on the side, so I wouldn’t try and read the whole thing just focus on wall sections.
    For sit sequencing I just did some google searches and found some linked in presentations that run though a construction project.

    Good luck!

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    Wendy Dyba

    Just came back from the test and passed!

    Here are some of my recommendations:
    B101. I seemed to have far more questions on this than A201.. These two should be absolute priorities, but know all the contracts that they list. With some such G702 and G703, try to see one filled out. If you work at an office that uses them, ask someone to go over the whole thing. Sometimes the blank contracts just don’t register - it’s easy to gloss over them, vs when they are filled out with tons of numbers. In short: know how to read one.
    Other things to know: ADA, and construction diagrams.
    I used Architecture Prep, Ballast, and Designer hacks. With designer hacks I did the pop quiz endlessly. I was finding out that the more I did them, a new question would appear here and there.
    A note about the above: NOT ONE of them go into construction details (ex: where does flashing go in a wall section?) If you only use them and do not have a firm grasp on basic construction, you will most likely not pass.

    I felt that without my experience in commercial Architecture, I would have failed. I do not feel that NCARB has listed enough accurate study material sources for this exam. Lastly, I have read and read that NCARB is not going to have “rote memorization” type questions, especially regarding contract titles, yet there was at least one question that did just that.

    Best of luck to you all!

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