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    Osman Bilger

    The answer is not D because in a perimeter Loop the last radiator on the loop gets colder water than the first radiator. This contradicts the designer to achieve ideal control. Only case it may be the answer is if it is a single zone. 

    This is a poorly worded question. Your best bet is a two pipe system from what I think the question is asking. This has a pipe for supply and return water.

    Or ideally a 4 pipe system to heat and cool simultaneously in the building for max control. 

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    Stefan Pitre

    Two pipe direct return is a system with a main supply line and return line. The "direct" part is because the return for each radiator is routed with the shortest possible path to the boiler, or "directly".

    Two pipe reverse system differs from direct system by having the return main size and length math that of the supply main. It allows an easier balance of flow rate in both mains.

    The series perimeter loop system is a single line connecting X number of convectors in series. Hot water runs through all of them in once continuous path back to the boiler.

    I agree with Osman, answer D does not provide the best individual comfort control at each radiator location. I believe it would be the answer if they were only asking for the most economical choice.

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    Robin Tannenbaum

    If you have MEEB, 9.7 (f) gives a fairly good overview of these systems. I have the tenth edition and it's on pages 337-339.

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    Baylee Holder

    thank you guys so much! :)

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