PDD & reference to IBC during test multiple choie bulk of questions?



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    Jonathan Chertok


    my response was deleted. let me try again.

    i had a problem in case studies regarding the IBC where i would have reasonably expected to be able to reference chapter 3 in order to read a table. since it was not available as a reference i was not able to make this determination. so i would say i had the same problem in case studies - but it is hard for me to remember if i had the same problem with multiple choice.

    it is unclear to me whether i was being required to memorize this determination in advance of testing but it seems to me that one would normally not be expected to remember or make this determination. frankly this is still confusing.

    i also had a problem finding a material fact relating to reading the table that would have preceded making this determination. still not sure where this would be presented or if it was in fact presented.

    i'm not sure if this means i need to treat this or other topics with more memorization before retesting or if there is material that i simply did not find but i've previously been quite confident with my understanding of IBC.

    hope that helps.

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    Brian Starkey

    Had the same issue, Jonathan. NCARB told me “you had what you needed”. The minimal code questions in the regular MC are typically basics you should know. Problem is they are almost always based on residential construction. So if you’ve no experience with it, focus a little more on that. 

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    hi brian,
    i’ve appreciated your posts. but i’m not on this forum much anymore. maybe you can look me up in austin? i’d enjoy talking with you and you seem like you have a pretty good handle on things...

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