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    Anton Gross

    Thanks a lot for your candid post and Congratulations. I've been preparing for my last test, PD&D.

    I took the PP&D about a month ago, and have been putting a ton of time in since then right after preparing for this one.

    I have looked at all the videos, taken 4 practice exams, and studied all 1200+ flash cards. I have about a week left and will be concentrating on going over all topics and restudying.

    I've also been going over structures, regarding calcs. and those type of sample problems. There was a sample problem that had like 10 or more steps and even though I do well typically on math problems, I was like this is WAY too much work for 1 problem.

    For me, as I have been practicing in an office for so long, getting to be a test taker was a hard part and I don't do calculations like those so relearning all that was challenge for sure

    Code, ADA, life safety code issues, layout considerations, FAR, Occupancies, IBC type stuff is usually not too intimidating as it's somewhat real world oriented.

    Thanks again.

    I REALLY hope I pass this last exam coming up. I can't even imagine how that weight off my shoulders will feel.


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