parking requirements



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    Jorge De La Rosa

    That’s in the zoning ordinance for the municipality, not the IBC

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    David Kaplan


    ^^That's correct.  The building codes do not dictate how many parking spaces you need for a project.  That comes entirely from the municipality's zoning code. 

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    Anton Gross

    Brain Fart... yeah, I know it is, but I remembered a question regarding accessible parking and couldn't find a way to get the number of parking spaces required, to then respond to how many ADA spots would be required. It turns out that the problem wanted me/ you to actually count ALL the spots in the layout and then do the calc from that counted number. SUCH a time waster. I did it correctly, but what a silly way to spend a minute or two... counting parking spaces on a plan. In the office that's ok, but on a timed test that 's silly in my opinion.

    Thanks for the responses.

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