discussing PDD detail call outs and organization?




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    Nick NCARB (Edited )

    Hey Jonathan,

    You are free to post questions on this Community about general concepts and item types, however, avoid posting specific information about items you saw on your exam. For example, posting about a specific Drag and Place item you saw on your exam including information on the background image and tokens would be an issue.

    Here is a very critical bullet point in the ARE Candidate Agreement - I AGREE that I will not disclose to anyone by any means – electronic, written or verbal – the substance or details of any ARE questions, vignettes or other graphics and/or alleged answers.

    Hopefully this helps Jonathan!

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    Jonathan Chertok

    i thought i did a pretty good job adhering to these requirements in the original post.
    how would you recommend discussing what could be considered the inherent confusion built into this example, which - at least to me - is using architectural drawings in a non-standard way and using symbols that aren’t contained in the National CAD standards?
    seriously, what would you recommend avoiding describing next time or how would you address the problems confronted in this specific type of question?

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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Jonathan,

    If you have specific concerns about an item you saw on your exam, I recommend reaching out to NCARB Customer Service so someone from the examination team can review the item. This ensures that you are not disclosing any specific item information to other candidates. You can read more about the process on page 18 of the ARE 5.0 Guidelines

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