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    Theodore Diamond

    I would say it's important to have a good idea of these, but generally you don't need to memorize them.  Hopefully, a lot of them are "built-in" through code research and seeing them on drawings and you'll have a pretty good idea if they are right.  However, with something like dimensions of a van space and aisle, that's a pretty basic one and you should know it.

    PPD is more general (than PDD) about all of this, but some of the dimension issues do come up.

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    Adelina Koleva

    Hi Bryn,

    I recently passed PPD. The only things I would memorize are the most common ADA dimensions (ramps, clearances, landings, stairs, etc.). So, a question could reasonably pop up regarding accessible parking aisle width - or, maximum slope for a ramp or curb cut, maximum stair riser height, etc.

    Each time I've taken the exam I've had at least one or two questions where something like this pops up. That being said - it will only be one or two questions, it worth it?

    Obviously having a general understanding is more critical than memorizing, but for me they were easy points in the "Codes & Regulations" category, which I had failed previously. My solution was to leave the brute-force memorizing until the last minute. I prepared four or five flashcards filled with sketches and dimensions which I reviewed in the parking lot before entering the test center. They lived in my short-term memory until afternoon at least. Headache solved. :)

    Hope that helps!


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