Supplementary Conditions vs Special Conditions and which to use when?


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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Not sure it's a great question -- there really is no reason why that type of owner-related information could not go in Special Conditions.  In fact, per the AHPP, that would actually be typical.

    It's also possible to include that sort of info in the Bidding Requirements, the Agreement itself, Supp. or Special Conditions, or in the Specificiations.

    Also -- not sure I understand what you're saying -- but note that Supplementary Conditions would not necessarily become an "ongoing requirement".   If needed, they'd be unique to each project.  

    The AHPP aslo notes that neither Supplementary or Special are really all that necessary anymore -- I've done a fairly broad range of work with several different frims, and I've rarely seen them.  The contracts are digital and project or owner specific modifications can usually be added directly in the agreement.  The exceptions are entities like large agencies that have developed very large owner-specific condition documents -- which, again, according to the AHPP, are typically added as Special Conditions.


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