PcM - Pass Sharing study materials used and strategy



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    Michael Riscica

    Awesome!!! Glad PcM 101 was helpful. It’s currently under review by NCARB for the approved study material provider program.

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    Brian Chanda

    Hey Victor,


    I'm looking at buying the YA PCM 101 course. 

    Does it it go over how to do the case studies with that set?





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    Marcela Gaudin

    Hi Brian,
    Yes, YA PCM 101 has 2 case studies. They are good. Whatch them the first time. Have fun! Good luck!

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    Marcela Gaudin

    It cut of, second time make sure to pause and answer. Or do that both times to see where you stand.

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    Victor Smith

    Brian, as Marcela pointed out they do have two case studies as samples in the PCM101 course.  I used Black Spectacles in conjunction and I think that the practice exams through BS were more helpful than watching Lorenzo and the YA Group hash out a study group, but that's more reflective of my learning style than the content itself.  Fundamentally the case studies are a series of documents that make you look up the information that you have been asking questions on for 60 questions.  The practice questions for Black Spectacles were great, the PCM101 was a lot of test strategy of how to look at the documents and suss out the information.

    Hope that wasn't too wordy.


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