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    Scott Barber

    ARE Handbook, under "ARE 5.0 References"

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    there is a big stumbling block to studying these.

    i've translated most of them but may list the /names/ of the equations somewhere so you can look them up in something like a book or on the internet.

    right now many of the equations aren't titled and just show UNITS and have been stripped of their VARIABLES. this makes it hard to figure out what is being presented.

    for instance, the Pythagorean Theorem in this case would read:

    in^2 + in^2 = in^2


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    Brigitte Kerr

    Thanks Scott and Jonathan.

    I also opened the Mock exam 20 question sample on the NCARB  web site, hopefully it matches what is available during the actual test, a very handy Resource Tab.


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    Anton Gross

    Jonathan, regarding your example, that is NOT an equation. That would confuse me much more than assist me. units don't tell you the category of information and their relationships, like an equation would.

    I have not seen any formlas that look like your example, other than the symbol for Pi looking more like a lower case letter n.

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    Jonathan Chertok (Edited )

    aok. i think i get your answer.
    but i think i may have miscommunicated.
    what i am saying is that i finally figured out why the Resources are extremely confusing. it has been pointed out to me that they stripped out the variables and just left the units. this is what i am trying to point out.
    if you look at the equations you will see that there are often no variables (z, y and z etc) and instead you just see units.
    in one case (olin’s) i saw them do this but there is so much context in olin’s it is somewhat manageable (and still it is somewhat inexplicable).
    to do this with these resources provided on an exam means they are /indecipherable/ as you indicate. but also why this is done is of course confusing. it is either deliberately done or it's just a direct transcription from olin's without the context. either way unless it is pointed out to you it is very difficult to understand or study from them. and even if it is pointed out to you it is hard to study from them unless someone has take the time and provided a translation.

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