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    Javad Suggs

    Taking this test on Friday (without having taken CE or PcM). I've read all of the chapters that Kevin Griendling [sp] recommends in his outline, but I still feel a bit unprepared. The outline will definitely help guide my study for the next two nights. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your Pass!

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    Rose Gamble

    Hello! Thank you for the feedback!  I am wondering if you could elaborate on your usage of the AHPP for this exam. Did you follow a guide to know which chapters from the AHPP are relevant here? Thanks again! 

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    Alexandria Hoevel

    Hi! I found this guide to AHPP sections to study for the PjM exam. Currently using this outline. My exam is in 2 weeks. Passed PcM last month. Hope you find it helpful:


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    Meredith Harmon

    Hi Tatyana, I was wondering if you took the 5.0 version? If so if you found anything helpful in preparing for the case studies. 


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    Rodolfo Martin

    NCARB offers those guides created by the same author of the AHPP, exam by exam. If you don;' find them, please, email me:

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