oddly worded problem what do you think - fixture count problem



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    Adelina Koleva

    Hi Anton,

    Sounds like the 1500 lumens refers to the bulbs not the luminaire overall.

    Breaking questions down into smaller pieces helps me understand, for example: "each luminaire uses three...bulbs," "bulbs...produce 1500 lumens," & "how many luminaires are required?"

    "Each luminaire...produce 1500 lumens" doesn't make sense so that's your cue to multiply 1500 x 3 to get the overall luminaire.

    Hope that helps,


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    Anson Nickel

    This is a Black Spectacles question right? I was initially confused too and I chalked it up to poor wording of the question/my brain "reading" a different sequence of words. 

    Have you found that the editing of the Black Spectacles questions leaves much to be desired? Sometimes the correct answers have an asterisk ( * ) which sort of gives it away. For $150/mo or thereabouts, you'd think they could spend a bit of time copy editing. 

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    Anton Gross

    Anson, I have found Black Spectacles, and other sources to be VERY helpful, but yes, I do agree that for the price, the QC should be higher. On a brighter note, I've emailed them numerous times to get clarification on some problems and the answers they've supplied to those questions, and many times they've apologized and corrected mix ups with their questions. I like at least when people are not too big to admit when they have made a mistake and also to own up to that. They are a good company that I would definitely recommend however they are pricey for sure.


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