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    Sha Liu

    Hi John,

    I feel you pain. Similar situation here, I took it twice and failed. I am going to take it again in two months. I took notes after my exams and tried to remember the topics that real PDD exam focuses on. For my next exam I may just study the topics appeared in my last two exams. Same as you, I studied all the materials/books and still failed. For me, there are a lot repeating questions and of course the terrible graphic detail questions which I couldn't even tell what they try to ask me from the blurry images they provided.  

    Good luck!


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    Erin Anderson

    I am taking PDD for the third time on Friday.  I feel your pain on studying for months on so much material and feel like you didn't study any of the "right" information.  I did get Olin's Construction and Architectural Graphics standards this time around.  I am hoping they help.  They do go more in depth in the details of building systems and materials which is the section I needed to work on the most.  We will see what happens.

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    Erin, thought I'd see how the exam went this time around and ask if the Olin's book helped?

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    Jonathan Chertok

    IMHO, the problem is the /specificity/ of the question in conjunction with atypical usage (say of a term like “thermal break”). so even if you read olin’s cover to cover you have to drill down to the level of a sentence in a paragraph in order to answer “competently”.
    passing percentage as it relates to the 120 questions has to be rather low (hovering around 50 - 65 percent i assume) so then the question becomes getting enough right in the various “categories”, which makes it basically a mine field.

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    Sergio Alanis

    Same boat and same feeling.  Have taken PPD twice and PDD once.

    I felt these exams are not straight-forward, as was the case for PcM, PjM, and PA.

    It truly feels like NCARB is banking on us and not making these tests about "health, safety and welfare" as they claim they do. 

    Seems like the people coming up with these questions are aware of all the study material that's out there and consciously decide to ask these very specific /  compound / confusing / weirdly-worded questions (not to mention the graphic questions).


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    I can definitely identify with you all, I've taken it 3 times as well and each time I find there to be 'MISSING INFORMATION' in the case studies that's needed to answer various questions. It's definitely a curve ball they're throwing at us, and while some people can figure it out I think the majority are failing 1-2-3 or more times so it is my conclusion that 'one' can expect to spend 5,000 $ to pass these exams.

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