exam 4.0 and 5.0



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    Danielle Sturman


    The transition plan was either CDS,SPD,PPP  in 4.0 and PPD,PDD in 5.0
    or... CDS, PPP in 4.0 and PA, PPD, and PDD in 5.0

    Although if you have not already taken the 4.0 exams needed you can no longer take them as 4.0 has retired.

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    David Kaplan

    Yes, Jesse.  You're unfortunately out of luck at this point and have to stick entirely with 5.0.  4.0 was retired as of June 30th of this year. 

    I did the 4.0 / 5.0 combo method that you described, and I gotta tell you, I really really liked 5.0's format and questions much much better.  Hopefully you will find the same.

    Best of luck.

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