Architectural Graphic Standards Chapter Suggestions (11th edition) - PPD/PDD



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    David Kaplan


    I personally did not use AGS or BCI for the PPD exam and did not find that to be a bad decision.  PPD is more the design development stage of CD's and not so much the details.

    For PDD, I highly suggest you look at the ARE 5.0 Handbook and look at the details that NCARB is asking you about.  Says something about roof details, flashing, curtain wall (off the top of my head here).  Those details are the ones you need to know.

    I would focus strongly on the Thermal and Moisture Protection details, particularly roof details.  Aside from that, know your wall assemblies and wall sections.  Know where to put the vapor barrier.  Know where flashing should be provided. 

    Hope this helps.

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    Matthew Potter (Edited )

    David that is super helpful! Thank you!  I think I'll probably refresh over practice problems/exams and keep flipping through ASC.  

    I have PPD in 4 Weeks and PDD 3 weeks after. 

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    Luke Durkin

    I totally agree with David,  look at the ARE handbook and see what you're being tested on and what resources they provide you in the test.  That way you know what formulas to know and you know you don't have to memorize them.

    See what questions they ask you about and just ask yourself what you think they're inevitably going to test you about.  For me I was thinking they're inevitably going to test me about weather/vapor/air barriers so I better know those and how to detail them.  Concrete ingredients, flashing, R&U values, these were the things I thought would be inevitably on the exam and probably multiple times.  They're just such big important parts of the architecture.

    Remember, our main job as architects is project management/coordination, life safety, moisture and navigating government regulations.  At least that's what I said to some engineering student who asked why architects are needed.  

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