CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide VS Project Resource Manual



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    Katie Merten

    I didn't/haven't used either, but if you search for the second one, you can find a PDF of it online.  The first one used to be veryyyy expensive, but seems "reasonable" now, at about $90 on amazon.  The CSI Project Resource Manual, from my recollection, goes over specifications and is sort of like a reference book on how to do a project from beginning to end. 

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    Kurt Fanderclai


    Hi, Tomaz and Katie,

    I took this exam a long time ago -- 3/17!    The Project Resource Manual: CSI Manual of Practice is the reference for this exam.

    I did read a LOT, possibly all?, of the online PDF version of this book prior to CE, which was my first exam -- so I probably overdid the studying.  This book is a comprehensive resource, but I don't think many candidates have ended up using it at all for CE.

    For CE (and, really, PjM, and PcM, as well), I think Kaplan/Brightwood and Ballast can be pretty helpful.  I'm not a big third-party fan (they are all but useless on PA, PPD and PDD), but manuals like these can help hit the high points for you.  Both do a decent job of generally covering the use of contracts in practice.  Then if you need further in depth study, go back to the CSI.  

    Of course, CE is almost exclusively contracts, with a small amount of project and practice management, plus a handful of construction details and "what is this thing?" photos thrown in for good measure -- all per the 5.0 Handbook Objective list -- ALWAYS go back to that list.

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