Object rotations in drag and place type of questions




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    Nick NCARB (Edited )

    Hi Tau,

    I think I can help you with this question! On all drag and place items, the rotate feature can be used UNLESS it specifically says "do not rotate" in the question. Items will not tell you when you need to rotate an element to properly answer the question.

    My recommendation is to focus on answering the question. If you need to rotate an element to appropriately answer a question, then rotate. 

    Hope this helps!

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    Nina Aquino

    I wish they would make that more clear on the exam. The only way one would know to do that is by reading this forum...

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    Theodore Diamond

    NCARB's exam prep materials include an example of this and it shows up in the free sample exam.  The sample exam is a critical study piece!

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    Tau Ma

    Hi Nick-

    This may seem kind of late, but thank you for your timely reply! it was just in time for my retake last week.

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