example test question regarding Zoning and what it handles/ addresses



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    David Kaplan

    I gotta tell you, I've read this now 15 times and have tried every which way to see another way of reading it and I'm coming up empty-handed.  Zoning codes absolutely restrict certain uses to certain areas of a city, no question.

    Usually with these types of questions about the purpose of zoning codes, the 5 or 6 choices you have to choose from will be one of the following three types:

    1) An actual purpose of a zoning code (i.e. a correct answer)

    2) A purpose dictated by the building code, not the zoning code (Letter E above)

    3) A purpose regulated by neither code.

    I think that whoever wrote this question was trying to have C come off as "no - this is covered by the Use Group dictated in the Building Code" but I think that they just poorly worded it.  As such, we're all confused.

    You are correct.  I don't think you will get this type of confusion on your test.  I didn't.

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    Anton Gross

    David, Thanks.

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